President's Letter


Terraic Williams

I want to personally thank every member of CSANC for allowing me this opportunity to become the next President of such a great organization. Over my 17yrs in the business I/we have seen a lot of changes but one thing that remains the same is our friendship and dedication. I hope we will continue this journey with open hearts and minds to see this organization grow to its full potential. 


We Are Family

"Standing Strong Together"

CSANC has always focused on helping stores grow and be relevant on their campuses. This focus allows stores to help our students and colleges succeed. Over the years, we have seen a lot of changes, some good and some not so good but we welcome the challenges. As we look forward to our future, we should continue to stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and back-to-back. As the industry changes, I believe our future is bright and we are Stronger if we Stand Together. 


“Alone We Can Do So
Little; Together We Can Do So Much.” 

Helen Keller