Invitation From Our President

Good morning, CSANC.

As you know, this is a milestone year for our association. The CSANC Board and I are honored, humbled, and excited for the chance to recognize the many outstanding contributions and achievements of CSANC’s past participants. Those pioneers led us to where we are, while providing support, professional development and a vision to the future of our industry.

With these things in mind, the theme of this year’s 50th Anniversary meeting is “Remembering the Past, Leading to the Future.” I personally invite you to attend this year’s CSANC 50th annual meeting, to be held October 27-30, 2019, at the Twin City Quarter in Winston-Salem, NC.

As we “Remember the Past”, we will take time to honor the amazing achievements over the past 50 years. We want to recognize the accomplishments of CSANC and its past members. To do this, we are working on several projects to exhibit and preserve the past 50 years of CSANC. We are working to catalog boxes of old pictures, memorabilia, and artifacts. We will be working to curate and exhibit items from our past at the upcoming meeting, while also making sure to preserve and keep these memories and items safe for the future. We will also be recognizing past presidents, retirees, and members. You are encouraged to attend and participate. Please help us invite those past members to the meeting, especially to the Don Bonnewell Annual Banquet where will be celebrating and honoring the past 50 years of CSANC.

As we continue “Leading to the Future”, we are working diligently to develop programming and sessions insightful and relevant to the ever-changing industry. We are exploring new ways to work and build partnerships, creating a path for CSANC to stay strong and grow into the future.  We are also working on ways to improve member support and engagement, and better ways to communicate information both within and about CSANC.

I urge you to take this year to reconnect with partners and friends, and reinforce the commitment to support each other. We also ask for you to share your passion and help recruit new members to continue the strong CSANC tradition.

Thank you for supporting students, the industry, and most importantly, each other. Your ongoing commitment to building and maintaining the relationships to keep our association strong are the reason we are where we are, and the way we will get to where we are going. I look forward to a great meeting, a memorable celebration, and another amazing year.

Again, thank you to our stores, our vendor partners, our friends, and our family who make up the College Stores Association on North Carolina

With gratitude,

Chad Conville
2019 CSANC President